Hello All,
We are truly facing radical times that require extreme measures for the safety and well being of our population. The silver lining is that we, along with everyone else, can make decisions and execute on procedures that are shared with us from leaders at the Provincial and Federal levels to help mitigate and/or alleviate some of the hardships presented by COVID-19.
At PIE, as proud community citizens, we believe this to be true. As much as we love making a tasty pizza, it is witnessing our patrons, of all demographics, enjoying a great meal out with loved ones that truly hits the mark. This is what inspires us to continue our efforts and strategies in creating memorable dining experiences. Our reward? Plain and simply the best damn clientele a small local business could ask for!
We are thrilled to once again offer dining service on our patios, both in Barrie and Torrance. 
We are constantly monitoring the situation and are implementing all suggestions and direction from not only our political leaders, but also the well-educated advice from professionals in the health and safety fields.

Our patio seating is limited, however, we continue to serve our takeout menu, plus take-home frozen pizzas, from 12-10pm, 7 days a week at our BARRIE WATERFRONT location (11 Victoria St), and from 12-10pm, 7 days a week at our TORRANCE location (2641 Muskoka Rd. 169).